Vibration Therapy, Percussive Therapy and Modalities

Vibration Therapy, Percussive Therapy, and Modalities

Vibration therapy can provide numerous health benefits including improved bone density, reduced pain, increased muscle mass, improved physical performance, improved balance and coordination, improved blood circulation, and decreased stress. The 4D Vibration Plate is used for whole body vibration exercises in standing, seated, supine, and prone positions, and for relaxation and pain relief primarily in supine position.

Percussive therapy is a massage technique designed to treat soft tissue pain as well as stiff and sore muscles, break down adhesions and scar tissue, and improve mobility while reducing pain. Manual chest percussion on the client’s thorax improves airway clearance by mobilizing secretions in one or more lung segments to the central airways.

Modalities are used to reduce pain, facilitate healing and restore function. Modalities available at GET PHYSICAL LLC include 4D Vibration Plate, HyperVolt Percussion gun massager , 4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller, Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim), Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), Moist Heat, and Ice. E-Stim is used for both pain relief and functional improvements for orthopedic and neurological disorders. TENS is a type of E-Stim used to manage acute and chronic pain.