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Paula Blaker

Paula Blaker is a licensed physical therapist who has 30 years of experience and infinite passion for helping young and old meet or surpass their rehabilitation and wellness goals, one patient or client at a time!

Paula is trained and skilled in the areas of clinical assessment and treatment, manual and movement therapy, musculoskeletal and movement dysfunction, scoliosis, fall prevention, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports rehab, strength and resistance training, neurology, STOTT Pilates, pre-and post-natal rehab, Neurac (NEURomuscular ACtivation) treatment, Redcord sling suspension exercise, injury prevention, and performance training.

In a fully equipped home-based clinic that includes a Redcord Professional Workstation, Paula offers comprehensive physical therapy, performance enhancement training, and health and wellness services for rehab patients, athletes looking to up their game or take their capabilities to the next level, seniors eager to stay or get fit and active, and anyone who just wants to move better to feel better.

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More about Paula and Her Qualifications

  • Licensed physical therapist in the states of Florida, Washington and New York; received training at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons (New York, NY)
  • Motivated and motivational physical therapist, pilates instructor, and certified wellness coach committed to helping patients and clients achieve, and surpass, their personal goals with individualized care plans, home programs, and one-on-one treatment.
  • Extensive clinical experience in multiple settings, including private practice, home care, in-patient and out-patient.
  • Launched and ran a home-based private practice in Seoul, South Korea and Jakarta, Indonesia for U.S. State Department employees and their family members.
  • Physical therapy consultant at the National Rehabilitation Center in Vientiane, Laos providing training and workshops addressing various neurological and physical conditions, identifying medical red flag signs and symptoms, indications and contra-indications for various interventions to local healthcare providers.
  • Awarded J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Grant to provide physical therapy consulting, training and treatment in greater Jakarta, Indonesia to local staff and children at the Bahkti Luhur Orphanage and School for disabled and orphaned children. Also worked with local organizations and vendors to provide custom-made equipment, and purchased specialized and therapeutic tools not available in Indonesia to facilitate greater independence for the children.
  • Awarded the Family Liaison Office (FLO) U.S. Department of State Professional Development Fellowship.

Why choose to partner with Paula for your health, fitness and wellness needs?

  • You will not feel like a widget going through a physical therapy factory! She does not take a cookie-cutter approach and, unlike the approach in many physical therapy clinics, treats one person at a time, devoting 100% of her attention and expertise to that single individual.
  • Her goals are your goals.
  • She doesn’t just treat. She teaches and coaches—in ways that promote self-care and healing.
  • She attended Neurac (NEURomuscular ACtivation) and Redcord courses in the Redcord Education Program and offers Neurac Treatment Method as well as Redcord Sling Suspension Exercise, Injury Prevention & Performance Training in her clinic. Neurac and Redcord are appropriate for everyone, regardless of age and physical condition, from acute rehabilitation to injury prevention and performance enhancement in elite athletes. This proven and highly effective therapy and training is not widely available in the U.S.
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  • She received full STOTT pilates certification in 2014 and incorporates matwork with small equipment and props, stability chair, and arc barrels in her practice to help people of all ages develop optimal strength, flexibility, control, endurance, posture, balance, athletic performance, and a body-mind connection. She also attended STOTT fascial movement, halo programing, and rehab for special populations courses, as well as multiple workshops including pre and post-natal conditioning and sport specific conditioning.
  • She takes a holistic (mind-body-spirit) approach to health and healing.


Did you know that in Florida you have direct access to Physical Therapy without a physician’s referral?

  • No prescription or referral from a physician is needed. The ability to visit a physical therapist without a prescription or referral is called Direct Access. Under Direct Access, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of going to your preferred physical therapist to receive the treatment and care you require and deserve.
  • And there is good news for our long-term visitors from northern states and “Snow Birds” who spend their winters in Florida! The requirement that a physical therapist have a practitioner of record review and sign a plan of treatment does not apply when a patient has been physically examined by a physician licensed in another state, the patient has been diagnosed by the physician as having a condition for which physical therapy is required, and the physical therapist is treating the condition.
  • To learn more about Direct Access and the rules in your state, read the specific rules and guidelines for each state.

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