Neurac (NEURomuscular ACtivation) Treatment and Redcord Training

  • Neurac treatment method is a revolutionary neuromuscular rehabilitative therapy that effectively treats acute and chronic pain related to neuromusculoskeletal challenges. Neurac utilizes anti-gravity bungee assisted sling suspension exercises that provide optimal positioning and support in order to stimulate reactivation and engagement of your deep core muscles.
  • Research shows that injury, physical inactivity, and pain can deactivate core muscles or result in the alteration of core muscle recruitment patterns. Core muscles support the spine and provide stability to the body. When core muscles are not working properly, compensatory strategies using global muscles are adopted in an attempt to regain some stability. These compensatory movement strategies lead to pain and dysfunctional movement patterns.
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  • Neurac Testing systematically identifies compensatory movement patterns, muscular imbalances, and dysfunctions and refers to these as “Weak Links”. Neurac treatment method is designed to correct the identified Weak Links in order to regain pain-free neuromuscular skeletal control, mobility, strength, stability, and function. Neurac combines bungee assisted sling suspension exercises with high levels of neuromuscular stimulation from the ropes to restore strength, mobility, stability, function, and pain-free movement control. Neurac is an approach to restoring impaired or altered neuromuscular co-ordination patterns, and can often provide immediate pain relief and improved physical function.
  • Neurac is appropriate for neuromusculoskeletal ailments including but not limited to:
  • Neck pain and neck pain with headache
  • Low back pain, Sacroiliac joint pain, and Pelvic girdle pain
  • Upper extremity pain/dysfunction- scapulae, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand pain and/or dysfunction
  • Lower extremity pain/dysfunction- groin, hip, patella-femoral, ankle, foot pain and/or dysfunction
  • Neurological disorders- pain, impaired coordination, altered movement patterns, limited functional mobility
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Pre and Post Natal issues

Redcord Training

  • Redcord sling suspension exercise, injury prevention, and performance training is a unique, effective, challenging and fun form of functional training in unstable slings. It is gentle, effective and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Redcord suspension training provides fast and proven efficacy for anyone who wants to improve movement patterns, perform better, prevent injury and avoid pain.
  • In most activities, including sports, power is generated in the pelvis and trunk. The energy is then transferred from the core to the limbs. Without strong core muscles, the transfer of the energy will be reduced leading to poor execution or injury. Redcord offers a deep workout training the local and global muscles to work together.
  • Local muscles work to stabilize the joints, and the outer global muscles work to create large powerful movements. When the local muscles are under-conditioned or not receiving signals, the global muscles try to compensate for the local muscles. Compensations lead to inefficient movement patterns, pain and injury. Redcord activates and strengthens the local muscles so the global muscles can concentrate on delivering full power with better control.
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  • Redcord is being used by famous athletes in several countries and increasingly generates interest and enthusiasm all over the world. Training the local and global muscles to work together allows an athlete to achieve their maximum potential. Redcord is unique in its ability to train people of all ages and ability levels, not only top athletes. This makes Redcord training effective and useful for everybody, regardless of age, ambition or skill.
Goals of Redcord:
  • Reduce/eliminate pain
  • Prevent injury
  • Enhance/optimize neuromuscular control
  • Restore range of motion
  • Improve fitness and functional strength
  • Restore functional, efficient, pain-free movement strategies
  • Enhance sport specific performance

Redcord AXIS - Get Ready to Rotate

  • Rotational movements are essential in most activities in your daily life and especially in sports activities. Redcord AXIS is the ultimate tool to challenge these movement patterns.
  • The perfect kick, jump, throw, or strike all require a combination of power, timing, and precise movement in a state of balance and control.
  • Redcord AXIS is a revolutionary exercise device that takes three-dimensional suspension exercises to a new level. By introducing rotational movements, Redcord Axis enables a large number of new functional exercises, progressions and variations. Exercises using the Redcord AXIS maximize the demands for activity in stabilizing muscles and optimizes muscular coordination. This is essential for perfect movement control.
  • The ability to control rotation and to develop rotational power is fundamental for top athletic performance. Redcord AXIS enables precise rotational movements for the entire body. Designed to improve rhythm-balance-control, Redcord AXIS promotes strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. It also has a high carry-over effect to sporting situations. The exercises can be modified to any particular movement pattern and adapted to your specific needs.
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Neurac Treatment and Redcord Training

  • Invented in 1991 in Norway and built on scientific principles
  • Developed with the input of physiotherapists, doctors and athletes in over 20 countries
  • Used in more than 30 countries
  • Over 75 published scientific studies
  • Gentle, pain-free and proven effective
  • Appropriate for everyone, regardless of age and physical condition, from acute rehabilitation to injury prevention and performance enhancement in elite athletes.