Read what some of Paula’s clients and patients say about their experience with her and GET PHYSICAL LLC!

Erica D.

I went to Paula Blaker for physical therapy after my ACL surgery and she was so patient with me, but also pushed me to make sure I made a full recovery. I had so many friends who were unable to go back to normal activities after ACL injuries and they were all so impressed with my progress after seeing Paula. She also taught me so much about my body other than my knee and always went above and beyond to provide whole-body therapy!

Carol M.

In 2020 I had cancer and underwent three surgeries. Less than a year later, I feel great! A large part of that is due to my mentor Paula Blaker, who encouraged me to get back on my feet, and gave me simple exercises that I could practice and accomplish on my own. After months in bed, my balance was gone.  We started with that and then progressed to exercises that helped me prove to myself that I could do things, increase my flexibility, and feel realistic about the goals she set for me.  I looked forward to seeing her and being able to “report in” that I had done my exercises and explain more how I was beginning to feel.  She in turn explained to me in simple terms what was happening with my body and muscles, and encouraged me to take the next steps. Today I can honestly say I feel more energetic and positive about life than I did for a long while. Thank you, Paula!

Dr. Sam S

I’m a tennis enthusiast and dermatoveneorologist. I had a right knee injury several years ago, and I got the opportunity to work with Paula. She is a good physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and also an excellent manual therapist. She gave me special exercises, manual therapy when needed. After working with Paula, I am able to play tennis regularly with no complaints at all, since I do the special tailored exercises she gave me. It was great to work with her.  


I would recommend Paula as your physiotherapist without hesitation. I sprained my ankle last year and was treated by a PT in Washington, DC and then this year I sprained my other ankle. I saw Paula for the second injury which was much more severe but the recovery was much faster. This is a direct result of Paula's deep understanding of the human body, and her extremely broad range of knowledge in healing and rehabilitating the body after an injury. She was patient and always listened to really try and understand what my symptoms were from week to week. Her exercises were diverse and realistic to do on your own, in your home. She fixed things in my hips and knees I didn't even realize weren't optimal. Her techniques, coupled with her skills, experience, and knowledge made it possible for me to understand how best to support my body as it was recovering. Her therapy was so customized that it really drilled right to the root of the issue instead of applying standard techniques for "typical" injuries.

Rebecca E.

I have been Paula Blaker’s patient for two separate conditions. It is no understatement to say that she is the best health care provider with whom I’ve ever worked. Paula of course takes care to give you the right exercises, but what distinguishes her is that she makes sure you understand how to do the PT; she tells you why you’re doing it and what you’re trying to accomplish. By having you understand what you’re trying to accomplish and creating your own body awareness of engaging those muscles, it is easy to work those muscles in everything you do during your day. As a result, I can progress on my PT while I’m walking, sitting, standing in line. This has greatly accelerated my healing time and kept the pain from returning. Taking your care to an even higher level, Paula incorporates functional movement into your PT. Adding this element has greatly improved my flexibility and will serve me well in my later years. Paula has given me the gift of movement for which I will be forever grateful.

Ruth M.

I suffered from chronic lower back pain for years and neck stiffness from whiplash, and Paula helped me tremendously!  She taught me how to manage the pain by exercise and stretching correctly, and she loosened up all my tight muscles. I highly recommend Paula!  She is so patient and amazing. 

Rodney V.

Paula provided physical therapy after I had a hip replacement in December 2020. Also, she provided physical therapy for my other hip in which I had bursitis. She had some excellent suggestions for me as to how to correctly walk. She is very detailed and knowledgeable concerning her field. At this point, I am a month beyond the usual time that I get steroid injection for my bursitic hip since she taught me the correct way to walk and am putting less stress upon my bursitic hip. I have dealt with several physical therapists over the years. Paula is, by far, the best physical therapist that I have worked with!

David K.

Paula was the most empathetic and insightful physio-therapist I've ever had. She was able to connect my physical pain to behaviors and emotions in a way that made sense. I began to see my body more and more as a whole and complete unit that needed her guidance to re-align for optimal health. She was incredibly motivating, very professional in how she handled our appointments and she ensured that I was clear about the exercises and moves she gave me. Through a series of exercises she provided, which I have been devoted to practicing, I have found an end to lower back pain, misaligned shoulders and hips, and have revamped my life towards a more healthful approach. I would highly recommend Paula's services to anyone who is committed to making some serious life changes to get the healing they need!

David M.

I have had multiple back surgeries for scoliosis and herniated discs. Paula Blaker worked with me in January 2021 to address chronic pain, stiff joints, tight muscles, and limited mobility. Bed mobility and getting out of a chair were especially difficult and exacerbated my pain. I could walk only short distances due to pain, limited strength, and poor balance. Following PT with Paula, my low back pain is less intense. She used manual therapy techniques to improve muscle and joint flexibility. She provided a home exercise program that now helps me stay more flexible and manage pain flare-ups. My strength and endurance have improved, most notably with increased ability to walk farther distances and decreased effort required to get in and out of bed and up from a chair. My balance is better, I feel more upright, and I have less pain and better posture in both sitting and standing. Physical therapy with Paula Blaker can give you your life back!

Ronny P.

I would recommend Paula as Physiotherapist and movement therapist anytime. Her course on scoliosis rehab has helped me a lot in addressing the needs of my clients. And she’s a humble senior therapist who is willing to help her junior (like me ) when in need. Glad to know her in person.

Mateo S.

I came to see Paula in 2017 when I was having a very uncomfortable clicking pain in my hip. My hip issue had been recurring for years but had reached a tipping point. For 1-2 hours, Paula had me do exercises to work my hip muscles, and she gave me some tips on how to change my posture to avoid putting weight on the wrong angles/body parts. After that one session, I didn't have a single issue for 3 years, and when my hip finally flared up again, the issue was gone after a couple of days doing the exercises Paula gave me at our original session. The therapy was well worth it!